here at BY LA BRAND, we offer good quality heels for the trendy ladies who love to make a statement everywhere they go. 

we are inspired by successful boss women on a day to day basic , on social media to the women in our everyday lives.

we believe we are different. 


even from a young age i fell in love with heels. i would wear my mothers heels and catwalk from the bedroom to the kitchen and back to the bedroom ,take them off and find another pair of heels to walk around the flat in. my mum even got me a pair of kid heels and those literally became my everyday shoes in the house! i always felt as if i was a big girl wearing heels and loved the feeling. 

i also use to listen and watch music videos and see celebs and video vixens wearing heels and it made me want to do the same.  

for years i have seen the beauty in heels, and that’s the main reason why i decided to launch BY LA BRAND.